Read This If Your Organization is New to the Heritage Area

Jun 03 2021

Read This If Your Organization is New to the Heritage Area

Following our recent Boundary Amendment, our heritage area’s geographical footprint has nearly doubled in size and many new attractions, parks, heritage sites, and other organizations are now part of our stakeholder “family,” and eligible for the grants and other activities of the program.

Use this link to see the map that reflects the new Boundary:

Four Rivers includes stakeholder information here on our website, We seek to include our new attractions on the website, so please contact us at [email protected] to share information and photos with us for your site’s listing.

We send a weekly E-newsletter each Tuesday morning; if you would like us to include information about your events or other activities, please send a message to [email protected] where our staff will see it. This is also true for listings on our events calendar on our website, see the calendar here: If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive the E-newsletter, please send your contact e-mail to the address listed above.
If your organization is interested in grants, the best way to see the announcements and workshops for the grant opportunities is to subscribe to our E-newsletter. There are two grants available to sites in heritage areas — the MHAA Grant (Capital and Non-Capital grants are available), and the Four Rivers Mini-Grant. Please see this page on our website for more information:
Note there are two tabs for the two types of grants. You can expect the Mini-Grant opportunity to be announced around Labor Day; the MHAA Grant information comes out in December.
We also have an Annual Awards Ceremony; the announcement of the Call for Nominations also comes out around Labor Day, and the ceremony is planned for Thursday, November 4 this year.
Our partners, old and new, might want to participate in our annual Maryland Day event next March; please let us know if you think you might be interested, because planning meetings begin in late summer.
We also have a very lively Education Committee; contact us if you would like to attend the next meeting.
Finally, we conduct an Annual Site Directors Summit; this year we will hold this in both September and February. The fall Summit will take place on Tuesday, September 21, 9:30 a.m., via Zoom. We hope your site will be represented at this meeting, where all in attendance share updates and plans for the coming year. Contact the office at [email protected] to attend.
Thanks and we are glad to include you in our heritage area activities! Best wishes.