Grant Programs

Certified Maryland State Heritage Areas, including the Four Rivers Heritage Area, develop and support programs, products, projects and activities which enhance the visitor experience and encourage heritage tourism. Through grant programs and technical assistance, regional heritage sites and organizations are able to enhance their facilities and upgrade their public offerings. In 2017, an Impact Report noted $7.78 leveraged by every dollar of state grant funds ($6.78 of which is non-state support — Source – The Economic Impact of Maryland Heritage Areas, FY 2018)



MHAA Grant Opportunity

 The FY2021 MHAA Grant Round is now closed.

Applicants must have completed an online Intent to Apply form by January 31, 2020.

Here is past information, shared to inform you of the grant parameters: The Maryland Heritage Areas Program will soon be accepting grant applications for heritage tourism and education projects located in Maryland’s thirteen heritage areas for the FY2022 Grant Round. Learn more by using this link to the Maryland Historical Trust website:

The application and grant management process is entirely online. This is also the webpage where you will start your required Intent to Apply form.

To help you learn more and prepare your application, there are in-person workshops to be held around the state, and webinars. Check back in December for details.

Projects must be located within the boundaries of a Certified Heritage Area, such as Four Rivers, to be eligible. Please call our office at 410-222-1805 if you are planning an application in the Four Rivers Heritage Area. Best of luck with your upcoming projects!

Grant Opportunity description: Each year, the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority provides dollar-for-dollar matching project grants to non-profit organizations and governments for capital and non-capital projects located within a certified Maryland heritage areas (which includes the Four Rivers Heritage Area). Grants can support heritage tourism-related projects involving historical, cultural, or natural resources, events, or properties.

Non-capital projects can include planning and design as well as interpretive projects, such as exhibits, signage, and other materials. Capital projects include acquisition, development, new construction, rehabilitation, restoration, and pre-development costs (such as architectural designs).  MHAA grants can also fund programming, such as seminars, conferences, performances, reenactments, commemorations, and festivals (must be a pilot program or new programming).

Eligible applicants are local municipalities or non-profit organizations in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, qualified to do business in Maryland, and have the legal capacity and authority to incur obligations involved under the grant program.

Award amounts typically range from a maximum $50,000 for non-capital and programming projects and a maximum of $100,000 for capital projects.  The minimum grant award is $5,000. All grants must be matched in an amount at least equal to the grant (dollar-for-dollar match). A portion of this match may be with in-kind services, such as volunteer time, donated professional services, and donated materials.

When planning an MHAA Application, you MUST call the heritage area office at 410-222-1805 to discuss your organization’s prospective plans. Thank you!

Four Rivers Mini-Grant Program

The FY21 (Fall 2020) Mini-Grant Opportunity is now open! 

Download the Application and Guidelines: Four-Rivers-MINI-GRANT-Application and Guidelines-FALL 2020 REV. The Application & Guidelines have been revised from previous years. Please note that the maximum grant amount has been raised to $5,000 (required to be fully matched).

NOTE: This year only (Fall 2020 – FY2021), due to COVID-19, the heritage areas have been authorized by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to allow applicants to use mini-grant funds for operating expenses. Emergency Operating Mini-Grants are available to nonprofit heritage tourism organizations located within the boundaries of the Four Rivers Heritage Area. Organizations may apply for a conventional Non-Capital Project Mini-Grant OR an Emergency Operating Mini-Grant; they may not apply for both.

Operating costs that are eligible are costs associated with the COVID-19 State of Emergency, beginning July 9, 2020 and extending until 90 days after the end of the State of Emergency; these are defined as any expenses that allow an organization to continue operations and to safeguard heritage resources during and after the pandemic, including, but not limited to, staff salaries, utilities, insurance, contractor services, rent and mortgage payments.

Use Part 1 of the Application for a conventional Non-Capital Project Mini-Grant. Use Part 2 for an Emergency Operating Mini-Grant. Fill out Part 1 OR Part 2 but DO NOT fill out both. 

Contact the office if you need assistance. Please read materials carefully and do NOT use an application from a previous year. See the application for directions on submitting via e-mail, paper copies are no longer necessary.

Questions? Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Thanks!

Looking for the LOGOS for your mini-grant project?

Use this link for the MHAA Logo

Use this link for the Four Rivers Logo

Looking to CLOSE a previous mini-grant? Read this file FIRST: How to Close a Four Rivers Mini

Download the Mini-Grant Final Report Form here: Final-Report-Form-for-Mini-Grants-updated-July-2015 blank

Additional Funding Sources:

If your project does not fit the criteria for an MHAA Grant, or you are seeking additional matching funds, the MHT has developed this list of additional funding sources to consider for your project: Grants Funding Sources List from MHT