Online Educational Resources For Home Study

Mar 18 2020

Online Educational Resources For Home Study

During this time of curtailed activities due to COVID-19, we have been collecting online resources that readers can use while they practice social distancing in the home. Some of these are on our Facebook page (find us as @fourriversheritage) in the form of shared posts from the originating institutions, and others will be shared here on an ongoing basis as they are identified.

NEW! Visit the Annapolis Maritime Museum’s new Virtual Learning Resources:


Anne Arundel County Public Library’s Learning Resources:


Science For All Ages:

Do you know about Smithsonian Learning Lab? You should!

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation also has an Education Resources page,  explore it here:


Maryland State Archives

Did you know how extensive the MSA’s digital resources are? Take a took:

Our favorites are the Online Exhibits:


Maryland Historical Society’s NEW Historical Investigations Portal: Freely access a number of history lessons about Maryland history! One set of lessons is for 4-5 Grade and the other is for 8-12 Grades.


For High School and Above: From The Lost Towns Project / Anne Arundel County Cultural Resources Division

The General’s Highway Cultural and Historic Landscape Study

Generals Highway 18th century map

The County’s Cultural Resources Division recently completed a three-year archaeological and historical study of historic Generals Highway in partnership with the Maryland State Highway Administration. The result is a Cultural and Historical Landscape Study, which covers some of the County’s most historic territory. Learn more with this interactive digital map! Or download a printable brochure about the project!


Broken Dishes
The Anne Arundel County Archaeology Lab curates more than 3.1 Million artifacts in its facility. Here is an opportunity to explore some of the County’s most exciting finds. Each artifact tells a story- so begin exploring the past by clicking here!

African American heritage Trail

Anne Arundel County is excited to announce the release of a new ‘virtual’ tour, exploring the County’s African American heritage, significant historic sites, and important places of remembrance. This online virtual tour highlights more than 180 historic sites, communities, and significant places representing a broad range of African American heritage sites in Anne Arundel County’s Four Rivers Heritage Area. Click here to learn more and to embark on a story map tour of the African American Heritage Trail.

Listen to a 25-minute interview on WYPR with two of the project leaders:


Virtual Exhibits — Check back as we add more!

Archaeology in Annapolis – University of Maryland has an extensive online exhibit of its project “Seeking Liberty — Annapolis: An Imagined Community,” from 2008, that is based on archaeological artifacts excavated in Annapolis. The links aren’t very visible on the page, but they are there! It has an impressive amount of historical detail throughout. Start here:

Annapolis Maritime Museum has 3 online “virtual exhibits” for you to explore with information about early Annapolis maritime history:


For Elementary School Students (from Historic London Town and Gardens): Children’s Lives at Colonial London Town: How did children live in colonial America? Follow the stories of three real families in eighteenth-century London Town, an important trading port in Maryland. Explore their lives to learn what it was like to grow up in the Chesapeake region before the American Revolution.


For Kids: Four Rivers’s Douglass-Tubman Coloring Page

(Created for the Open House Event for the Statues of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass on February 20, 2020.)


For Families: Record Oral History in Your Own Living Room!

Generation to Generation Activity Sheet


Just For Fun:

The Banneker-Douglass Museum’s website has a “random image” page of objects from their collection. Take a look, and you can double-click on an image to find out more about it!

From the staff of the Pride of Baltimore 2: Learn to tie Boating Knots!