Author:Jody Christian

Mar 18 2020

Our friends at Annapolis Discovered have created this a delightful video in their series of “Walking the Block” highlighting the treasures of Galesville. Located in South County this beautiful, historic, waterfront village located on the West River is rich in African American History.  It once was a well-known as a popular resort town for their beaches and may be best known for the Galesville Hot Sox. Check this link to explore the “African-American Heritage Voices, Memories, and Places: A Four Rivers Heritage Trail.” See this video below to learn more about...

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Feb 03 2020

Four Rivers Heritage Area is proud to be a funding sponsor of the new “African-American Voices, Memories, and Places: A Four Rivers Heritage Trail”.  Our creative partners at "Annapolis Discovered" recently created a post highlighting communities along the trail, called “Walking the Block.” It highlights familiar and iconic places in Eastport along Chester Avenue, past and present, such as Davis’ Pub, McNasby’s Seafood and Mike’s Groceries. Did you know that Davis' Pub started out as Davis Confectionary and later Davis Tavern?  This building has served the community since 1986 as Davis’ Pub. It...

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Nov 26 2018

Four Rivers Education Committee Presents: Improving the Visitor Experience for Visitors with Physical Disabilities. This training will provide knowledge and understanding about the experiences of people with physical disabilities, including tips on how museum professionals can enhance the visitor experience at their sites for all patrons...

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